MO4W – Quality and materials, including aftercare tips:

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We love our products and are certain you will too!

We craft our items from the highest quality materials; carefully sourced and then made into the stunning designs displayed on the website.

To make it a bit easier for you to choose the type of material that best suits you and your needs, we would like to present them all to you, including some handy after care tips to keep your products looking and feeling their best.


We have two types of leather: Classic and Premium, both of which come from Italy.

Classic leather, also referred to as semi aniline leather, is made from uniformly structured pieces, dyed and then treated to create a durable surface. This leather is the recommended type for higher wear, for instance where many people will be using the product and for families with children or pets.

To best care for this material wipe away any spill immediately with a cloth and continuously keep the leather clean by using a purpose leather cleaner or lukewarm water with a mild soap. Ensure any residue is wiped off with a clean damp cloth in fresh water.

Premium leather, sometimes called aniline leather has a smoother and softer surface. It has only been treated once so it doesn’t have a protective coating. The texture is highly touchable. As the surface is natural there might be some slight irregularities in colour and texture. The great benefit of premium leather is that it ages both beautifully and distinctly.

This type of leather is highly absorbent, so wipe any spills off right away with a dry cloth. Any stains will be incorporated into the leather but will fade over time. Do not use water for this material.


Our wonderful New Zealand cashmere gives the pieces a luxurious and classy finish. It is soft to the touch as well as incredibly durable. It keeps you cool during the hot summer and warm during the chillier times of year.

Too keep your cashmere furniture looking radiant keep them out of direct sunlight and bright windows, as this will cause the colour to fade. Always wipe up any spills right away with a damp white cloth. You can also use mild soapy water. Make sure you remove any residue right away.


Fibreglass is a glass reinforced with plastic. It’s strong enough to be used for aeroplanes, which is great news when you are looking for durable pieces of furniture. The colours are vibrant, strong and long lasting. Fibreglass is also less prone to scratches than plastic and is heavier, giving the products a more sturdy and robust feel.

To clean your fibreglass products use water and a mild detergent or window cleaner. To ensure the fibreglass is shiny, use a microfibre cloth afterwards to wipe it dry.


Plastic - the ultimate classic. It’s a durable and flexible material, allowing for use for many different types of products and colours.

To keep your plastic pieces looking fresh, wash regularly with warm soapy water and wipe clean. Remove any colourful spills right away, for example ketchup on a white plastic dining chair.


We offer a wide range of different types of wood, each with their unique look. Pieces crafted from wood keep the character of nature. To ensure the longevity of your wooden furniture, keep them away from extreme temperatures and strong chemicals. Spills should be wiped up immediately to avoid stains. If your pieces are painted you can dust them and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. There is no need to further treat our wooden furniture with oils or waxes.


Plywood is a constructed wood made from thin veneer layers glued together. This makes plywood a material that is flexible, strong and resistant to cracking or changes in shape. The structure allows pieces of furniture to be moulded from a single piece of plywood. The surface can later be painted or treated as desired.

As plywood is in essence, wood, it’s best to treat it with the same care; wipe up any spills straight away and clean by wiping them with a clean damp cloth.


Marble is both a classy and classic material, having even been used for pieces of art. It’s made from minerals being compressed and heated deep inside the earth, creating a metamorphosis making it the marble we see today. May it be a marble table or a lamp with a wonderfully heavy marble base, these pieces add a touch of luxury to any room.

As marble is a porous material, wipe away any spills right away, and use coasters if you have a marble table. For regular cleaning use a purpose made marble cleaner which a neutral PH.